Violin Chord charts

Violin Chords Charts


Have you ever won­dered whether it is pos­si­ble to accom­pa­ny melodies in a way that a gui­tar or a piano would do?

Vio­lin is tra­di­tion­al­ly the solo instru­ment play­ing the basic melod­ic lines (replac­ing usu­al­ly the voice or accom­pa­ny­ing it with par­al­lel melod­ic lines). How­ev­er, it is pos­si­ble to take the accom­pa­ny­ing role of gui­tar in pop­u­lar music, Jazz ‑swing, Gyp­sy, and oth­er styles just by play­ing the chord sequences in which the piece bases.

This post is cre­at­ed in response to many requests for a brief cat­a­log of vio­lin chords charts arranged in pho­to dia­gram forms for max­i­mum under­stand­ing and play­ing.

The fol­low­ing dia­grams are designed for the left hand. The bow­ing tech­niques with which you can play the chords will fol­low in the com­ing posts.

Let us start with clear­ing what the num­bers in the fin­ger­ings rep­re­sent.

The fin­gers of the left hand are num­bered with fol­low­ing way.

 Finger numbers

violin, finger numbers, fingering chart
Fin­ger­ing — vio­lin.


It is also very use­ful to know all the notes in the first posi­tion. The fol­low­ing chart gives you a brief pic­ture. How­ev­er, the vio­lin has no frets. It is thus essen­tial to hear the notes and tune them cor­rect­ly using your ears.

violin fingering chart
Vio­lin Fin­ger­ing chart in first posi­tion


Based on that we can see now how we can play few of the basic Chords.

Basic Violin Chords Charts

A Major

A major
A (g string) and E with first fin­ger C with 2nd and A with 3r
A Major. A & E on the G and D string with 1st finger C sharp with 2nd and A with the 3rd
A Major. A & E on the G and D string with 1st fin­ger C sharp with 2nd and A with the 3rd













 D Major

Violin Chord chart
D Major Chord with A (on g string 1st fin­ger) F sharp 2nd and D&A with the 3rd fin­ge.
D major accord on the Violin
D Major accord on the vio­lin. A with 1st fin­ger F sharp with 2 and D& A (on A & E string respec­tive­ly) with 3rd fin­ger

G Major

Violin chord chart
G major chord. 1st fin­ger on B (A string) and 2nd on G (E string) G and D open strings
Violin chord chart
G major chord. B with 1st fin­ger and G ( on E string) with the sec­ond

F Major

F major. £rd finger on C( G string) 2nd on F ( D string )and 1st on F ( E string) A open string)
F major. £rd fin­ger on C( G string) 2nd on F ( D string )and 1st on F ( E string) A open string)
F major
A major. 3rd fin­ger on C 2nd on F and 1st on F ( E string). Open string A

A minor

A minor - Chord on the violin
A minor chord. Sim­i­lar to A major with on C ( 2nd fin­ger) nat­ur­al.
Violin chords in simple charts
A minor. A and E ( G and D string respec­tive­ly) with !st fin­ger, 2nd on C and 3rd on A.



E minor (Violin Chord Charts)

E minor
1st fin­ger on E and B ( on D string and A respec­tive­ly and 2nd fin­ger on g (e string)


violin chord charts. Violin viola lessons
Vio­lin chord charts. E minor


B minor


B minor
B minor chord (2nd fin­ger on B and F sharp and 3rd on D. We avoid to play e open string)
Violin chords charts
B minor chord. 2nd fin­ger on B and F sharp on G and D string.3rd fin­ger on d




26 thoughts on “Violin Chord charts”

  1. Thanks. I am an elec­tric gui­tarist for 40 years(blues/jazz/some clas­si­cal). About to receive my first vio­lin. I have tuned a gui­tar’s first 4 strings to 5ths and am engrain­ing scale pat­terns in the new for­mat. My left hand should catch on quick­ly. I am under the impres­sion that learn­ing to apply the bow cor­rect­ly with my right will take time.

    I plan on explor­ing with chords, arpeg­gios, and impro­vi­sa­tion like I do on gui­tar. But first get­ting a nice sim­ple sound will be its own dif­fi­cul­ty, I am sure.
    I am won­der­ing about a glass “slide” gui­tar tech­nique on a vio­lin.

    Thanks for the chord charts. I had stum­bled on some, great to see more.

  2. Thank GOD I found this! I have been look­ing for a good chord chart for my vio­lin for days. Thank you!! Now to fig­ure out how to bow.

  3. What I do in G major chrod in vio­lin is that I add anoth­er fin­ger in G on D string. hope it helps 😀

    1. You can only play two notes at a time using the nor­mal bow on the nor­mal vio­lin. So for each 3‑note chord you can choose the 2 notes that are eas­i­est to play togeth­er or that sound the best. If there are no oth­er instru­ments it will sound a bit odd if you leave out the ‘root’ or ‘ton­ic’ note, in oth­er words if you leave out the G note in the G chord.

  4. Best thing ever! I start­ed play­ing fid­dle and I’m prac­tic­ing these every­day! So glad you shared this 😃

  5. I’m con­sid­er­ing tak­ing on the vio­lin, this would be the first instru­ment I’ve ever learned/played. I know it’s not an excep­tion to learn quick­ly, but I’ve nev­er felt the deter­mi­na­tion to do any­thing dif­fi­cult before. Thank you for the chords! This will help me lots!

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