Right hand exercises for violin

Right Hand exercises by Yehudi Menuhin

How to get a better sound…Right hand exercises for violin

In this post I would like to sug­gest a very use­ful tuto­r­i­al about right hand ( bow) and left hand made by the leg­endary vio­lin­ist Yehu­di Menuhin. In this tuto­r­i­al you can learn about  the very fun­da­men­tal  prin­ci­ples of vio­lin tech­nique  in explained in detail by the this great mas­ter. If you pay the required atten­tion on these right hand exer­cis­es for vio­lin you will have very soon a love­ly sound which is essen­tial part of vio­lin play­ing

The prodigy Yehudi
The prodi­gy Yehu­di

Yehu­di Menuhin was born in New York of Russ­ian-Jew­ish par­ents. He made his vio­lin debut at the age of sev­en with the San Fran­cis­co Sym­pho­ny in Lalo’s Sym­phonie Espag­nole, and a recital in New York fol­lowed a year lat­er. By the time he was eleven he had made his his­toric debuts in Paris and Carnegie Hall. At twelve he played in Berlin and at thir­teen in Lon­don, launch­ing him­self at an ear­ly age on a life­long career that was to take him all over the world, play­ing with lead­ing con­duc­tors and orches­tras. In addi­tion to his fame as an excep­tion­al musi­cian he has been equal­ly recog­nised as a com­mit­ted human­i­tar­i­an.


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