Online Lessons

Online Lessons

The online lessons are designed for those who would love to improve their skill on the violin but have either a very busy schedule, or travel a lot, or want to enjoy a highly specialized instruction in the comfort of their on place.

With the improvement of sound and picture analysis and the increased  internet speeds it is now possible to overcome the main difficulties that made any attempt for interactive online lessons impossible in the past.

Can online lesson replace the lessons in person?

Online lessons (with Skype) offer certain advantages to the student that certainly can balance any  flaws arising.

  • They can be recorded and the student has the possibility to recall certain instructions and clarify better their purpose.
  • By watching him self in the small camera the student is given the opportunity to compare his actual playing habits  with what he is instructed and to understand better what goes wrong and what right.
  • The lost time for the transport to the teachers studio can be now used effectively for practice.


The Online/Skype lessons are particularly designed for advanced students, or adult beginners.

Feel free to contact me and arrange a skype trial lesson.

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