Online Lessons

Online Lessons

The online lessons are designed for those who would love to improve their skill on the vio­lin but have either a very busy sched­ule, or trav­el a lot, or want to enjoy a high­ly spe­cial­ized instruc­tion in the com­fort of their on place.

With the improve­ment of sound and pic­ture analy­sis and the increased  inter­net speeds it is now pos­si­ble to over­come the main dif­fi­cul­ties that made any attempt for inter­ac­tive online lessons impos­si­ble in the past.

Can online les­son replace the lessons in per­son?

Online lessons (with Skype) offer cer­tain advan­tages to the stu­dent that cer­tain­ly can bal­ance any  flaws aris­ing.

  • They can be record­ed and the stu­dent has the pos­si­bil­i­ty to recall cer­tain instruc­tions and clar­i­fy bet­ter their pur­pose.
  • By watch­ing him self in the small cam­era the stu­dent is giv­en the oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­pare his actu­al play­ing habits  with what he is instruct­ed and to under­stand bet­ter what goes wrong and what right.
  • The lost time for the trans­port to the teach­ers stu­dio can be now used effec­tive­ly for prac­tice.


The Online/Skype lessons are par­tic­u­lar­ly designed for advanced stu­dents, or adult begin­ners.

Feel free to con­tact me and arrange a skype tri­al les­son.

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