Inspiring Films about the Violin

Inspiring films about the violin

Have you ever looked for some sources of moti­va­tion for your chil­dren to start prac­tice? Some nice music to lis­ten or, to vis­it a con­cert or even to watch inspir­ing films about vio­lin?

Vio­lin has always been inspi­ra­tion source for film mak­ers who often based their films on biogra­phies of great vio­lin­ists or musicians.Here are some sug­gest­ed films.

Inspiring violin films
The Red vio­lin

The red violin

A per­fect red-col­ored vio­lin inspires pas­sion, mak­ing its way through three cen­turies over sev­er­al own­ers and coun­tries, even­tu­al­ly end­ing up at an auc­tion where it may find a new own­er.

François Girard

Don McKel­lar, François Girard

Car­lo Cec­chi, Jean-Luc Bideau,





kinskis paganini violin Film

Paganini  (Klaus Kinski)

Ital­ian vio­lin­ist Nico­lo Pagani­ni (Klaus Kin­s­ki) lives with his wife (Deb­o­ra Kin­s­ki) and son (Niko­lai Kin­s­ki), and dri­ves women wild with his music.   Ini­tial release: May 25, 1990 (Italy

Direc­tor: Klaus Kin­s­ki

Run­ning time: 95 min­utes

Screen­play: Klaus Kin­s­ki

Music com­posed by: Sal­va­tore Accar­do, Nic­colò Pagani­ni



violin paganini film
Devil’s Vio­lin­ist

Devil’s Violinist

The life sto­ry of Ital­ian vio­lin­ist and com­pos­er, Nic­colò Pagani­ni, who rose to fame as a vir­tu­oso in the ear­ly 19th Cen­tu­ry.

Bernard Rose

Bernard Rose

David Gar­rett, Jared Har­ris, Joe­ly Richard­son |See full cast and crew »




violin films, J.S. Bach, ein musikalisches Opfer,  Organ teacher
Mein Name ist Bach

Mein Name ist Bach.

Bach vis­its his famous Son in Vien­na where he meets the men­tal­ly dis­turbed prince who devel­ops a pas­sion for father Bach’s genius and music.

Mein Name ist Bach is a 2003 Swiss film direct­ed by Dominique de Rivaz. It was Switzerland’s sub­mis­sion to the 77th Acad­e­my Awards for the Acad­e­my Award for Best For­eign Lan­guage Film, but was not accept­ed as a nom­i­nee.

Ini­tial release: April 8, 2004
Direc­tor: Dominique de Rivaz
Run­ning time: 99 min­utes
Gen­res: Bio­graph­i­cal film, Dra­ma



Violin, Beethoven, Music, teacher, score
Copy­ing Beethoven

Copying Beethoven

Anna Holtz (Diane Kruger), a stu­dent at the Vien­na Music Con­ser­va­to­ry, eager­ly accepts an assign­ment to work as a copy­ist for com­pos­er Lud­wig van Beethoven (Ed Har­ris). The tem­pera­men­tal mae­stro devel­ops a grow­ing affec­tion for his new com­pan­ion, but she has plans to mar­ry her long­time beau.

Ini­tial release: Octo­ber 19, 2006 (Israel)
Direc­tor: Agniesz­ka Hol­land
Run­ning time: 105 min­utes
Ini­tial DVD release: April 3, 2007
Bud­get: 11 mil­lion USD

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