Free Scores to download (pdf)

violin and ensemble - free scores to download


Free scores to download

Music is for everybody. Subsequently everybody should have also access to scores and learning material. With this general idea in mind I have uploaded a few of my transcriptions or arrangements of Tangos or other known pieces with the final purpose to create  a free pool of notated music for the cyprus violin community. (without of-course violating the intellectual or commercial rights of composers or producers)




El Entrerianno. Maybe one of the oldest tangos which is still in the repertoire of Tango orchestras was written by Rosendo Mendizabal, a pianist working in a club, and was named, after one of their regular clients who came from the province called Entre Rios, El Entrerriano. The tango was written in the 1890s.

La cumparsita.  Transcription from  the World famous Tango composed in the cafe “La Giralda” in Montevideo Uruguay in 1917 by a young student of architecture Gerardo Matos Rodrigues. He wrote  this Tango in 4/8 (rather a military march) for the orchestra of Roberto Firbo to play for the first time.  Was it modesty? shyness? fear of ridicule? who knows why he wanted to remain anonymous? Firpo only knew that the name of the young composer was Gerardo. It was only later that the full identity of the author was known. Seven years later, in 1924, Gerardo was living in Paris and he met Francisco Canaro who had just arrived with his orchestra. That’s when he found out that La Cumparsita was a major hit. The tango lyricists Enrique Maroni and Pascual Contursi had added words to the tango and renamed it ‘Si Supieras’–If you knew. All of Buenos Aires was hearing, dancing, and demanding to buy the score for the tango that was seemingly everywhere in shows, recordings, and broadcasts. Shortly after, La Cumparsita arrived in Paris where, in the full grip of the roaring 20’s, people danced charlestons, shimmys, one-steps, bostons, and when the crowd asked for a tango, they danced La Cumparsita. From Paris La Cumparsita spread to the four corners of the world and has since and forever after become synonymous with Tango.

Media Luz One of the very popular tangos which together with Cumparsita, Choclo,El Caminito, would become a paradigm of the River Plate music. It is composed by the Uruguayan Edgardo Donato, a violinist and composer coming from music family of Montevideo. Edgardo studied music with his father and in concervatory called Franz Lizst. He soon started his carrier playing as a violinist  in several Classical and Jazz and Tango groups and parallel to that he composed several Tangos among them “A media luz”, “Julián”, “Muchacho”, “El huracán”, “T.B.C.” and others, also important, such as “Se va la vida”, “Por mi viejita”, “El acomodo”, “Mi serenata”, “Beba”, “Volvé” etc. «I composed A media luz during a trip on streetcar», its composer said, and it was premiered in Montevideo, on a musical revue named Su Majestad la Revista, with the voice of the Chilean vedette Lucy Clory. Soon later was recorded by Firpo, Canaro and Gardel.

Nocturna Composed by Julian Plaza. One of the most distinguishing personality in the history of tango. The pianist, bandoneon player composer and arranger has managed to organically integrate in his music various elements of different styles.

Libertango. Perhaps one of the most famous pieces of Astor Piazzolla was recorded and published in Milan in 1974. Reedited and republished several times with a various instrument ensembles. Quite known (except of the original with Asto Piazzolla) are the recordings made with Al di Meola and Yo – Yo ma.


Cyprus traditional music


Find below few of the most known traditional Cypriot songs transcribed in the European notation System.

To Tragoudin tou gamou – Wedding song  (Cyrpiot traditional).

One of the most well known Cyrpiot traditional. Even today it is very frequently played in “allamata” in the preparation of the groom and bride for church and sometimes in the way to church. The lyrics of the song variate (they are quite often  improvised) depending always in the situation. Find below a sample of them.

To tragoudi tou gamou




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