All about violin

All about Violin

Start­ing with the vio­lin is great deci­sion! But of course like in any begin­ning there might be things that you don’t know and you would like to…There going to be fur­ther deci­sions about buy­ing an instru­ment and equip­ment or choos­ing a teacher, method, books etc. Or you would like to find some learn­ing mate­r­i­al for the start, or some use­ful infor­ma­tion about events, con­certs, enter­tain­ment relat­ed to vio­lin. Or some tips about how to tune, what strings to use, how to use rosin and so on.

In this sec­tion you will find many help­ful answers and solu­tions in your way to “vio­lin­is­tic”  excel­lence.


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All you need to know about Viola & Violin