Biography — Nikolas Efthymiou

Being attract­ed to the game of sound from a very ear­ly age Niko­las Efthymiou found in the vio­la the inex­haustible pool of pos­si­bil­i­ties to form and trans­form his dreams.

He start­ed study­ing the vio­lin with Cypri­ot vio­lin­ist Andreas Niko­laou at ‘’Cyprus Odeon’’ and Trin­i­ty Col­lege which he absolved at the age of 14. Fur­ther stud­ies in Ger­many on vio­lin and vio­la with Ste­lios Kafan­taris, M.Speerman, Frank Strauch, and John Kin­sel­la. Dur­ing his stud­ies in Hochschule fuer Musik Weimar he par­tic­i­pates in Hoschu­lorch­ester Weimar and coop­er­ates with Weimar Staatscapelle, and Jenaer Phi­lar­monie where he per­forms as soloist the pre­miere of the con­cert for solo vio­la and cham­ber orches­tra of Ilias Rachan­i­o­tis. He is also active as cham­ber musi­cian col­lab­o­rat­ing with numer­ous ensem­bles with reper­to­ry that cov­ers in var­i­ous musi­cal peri­ods and musi­cal styles. Solo recitals, among oth­er, in Grossen Saal of Weimar Musikhochschule, Lizst Haus,Resitenz Saal Wurzburg,San Pere de Gal­li­gants in Girona Spain in Kral­je­vo The­ater­hall in Ser­bia etc. He has also tak­en part in sev­er­al music fes­ti­vals like Bad Sobern­heim Musik acad­e­my, Weimar Som­mer­akademie, Apple Hill Cen­ter for Cham­ber Music, Det­mold Musikhochschule – Meis­terkurse and he stud­ied in the class­es of known musi­cians like T.Zehetmair, V.Klimov, T.Brandis, W.Christ, E.Krueger,Cr. Euler, L.Matczynsky. In 2007 Niko­las Efthymiou forms the exper­i­men­tal ‘’Ensem­ble Casu­al’’ which seeks to bridge sev­er­al music peri­ods and styles rang­ing from Baroque to Tan­go and Jazz. He is an estab­lished music ped­a­gogue teach­ing cur­rent­ly in Uni­ver­si­ty’s of Cyprus pro­gram for excep­tion­al­ly tal­ent­ed young musi­cians, the acad­e­my  of Cyprus Youth Orches­tra and Music-Gym­na­si­ums /Lyceums of Limas­sol and Paphos.

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