Violin lessons Limassol.

Are you a beginner or intermediate violin-viola  player or you aspire to continue with higher studies on the violin or viola? Now you can find classes or workshops tailored to your special needs. The violin lessons Limassol will introduce you to the world of music and violin playing considering always your preferences regarding the music style, the pace of learning, the type of lessons (group, private), the location of the lessons (the convenience of your home), and various and flexible tuition packages. Online support and tutorials are also provided for free.


Why Violin Lessons Limassol?

Music lessons  help foster success in other areas of life.

  • Becoming skilled at an instrument gives students confidence and a sense of accomplishment in life.
  • Studies have shown a link between music and a student’s performance in other areas of study:
    • Music students have higher test scores and IQ rates (Mozart effect)
    • Music promotes creativity
    • Music aids in student’s success in other fields of study
    • Music promotes self-sufficiency as an adult
    • Music students have decreased disciplinary problems
    • Music aids in giving students’ problem solving techniques
    • Music provides a healthy and unique atmosphere for making and keeping friends
  • Music gives students the ability to express their emotions in a healthy way.
  • Studies show that the ability to perform complex rhythms allow students to make faster and more precise corrections in many academic and physical situations.
  • Music lessons have proven beneficial for helping students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.
  • The opportunities to perform teach students to conquer fear.


Why my studio (Violin Lessons Limassol)

  • I teach all ages and ability levels
  • Violin lessons Limassol offers students the opportunity to perform frequently either as soloist or ensemble member
  • Lesson are designed on each student’s individual needs.
  • Violin lessons Limassol introduces students into several styles of music adapting a more practical approach to violin playing if required
  • My goal as a teacher is to give students the tools they need to teach themselves
  • Large experience in preparation for ABRSM exams with absolute success
  • Having lessons in your own place.
  • Violin lessons Limassol online practice material and tutorials
  • Lessons can be given in Greek, English, German.


Private Lessons – Single Person

Violin Lessons in Limassol, Violin tutor, viola teacher,
Violin or Viola Lessons in Limassol, Nikolas Efthymiou

Private lessons are adequate for focusing on student’s specific abilities and needs.  The Violin lessons Limassol classes are structured around student’s interests, age, cultural background. Main goal to enhance personal development , to explore the whole potential for artistic expression and the unique abilities that each one has. My teaching approach includes principles from Suzuki and Kodaly method,  as well as from the well established German and Russian Schools.




Violin group Lessons
Introduction to the art of violin – Group lesson

 Group Lessons

Group instruction is designed for beginners and emphasizes basic technique, rhythm, tone and musical interpretation.Groups are limited to six students. Group lessons have certain benefits especially for the young ages.

– they are giving the children the feeling of participation in a performance which makes the whole experience of learning be infinitely more meaningful and motivating

– the enhanced aural awareness of ensemble, intonation, balance etc, together with opportunities to assess one’s own performance together with that of one’s peers, can have an enormous impact on musical learning

– students’ acquisition of technique and musical knowledge is enhanced and reinforced by listening, adapting to, and emulating members of their own peer group both consciously and, probably to a greater extent, unconsciously.

– Music-making in groups has infinite possibilities for broadening the range of experience, including critical assessment of the playing of others and a sense of performance.

– helps the children to develop the feeling  community and explore new communication – patterns.

The groups will be set up taking in regard the age, culture/language, time schedule and the expectations of the members and will be 1 or 1.30 weekly.

 Chamber-music Lessons

violin chamber music. Violin Lessons Limassol
Chamber music with students of Klassikon Odeio Larnaca

If you want to know more about how to participate effectively in a chamber music ensemble or if your just want to make your own ensemble sound essentially better by adopting various orchestration and improvisation techniques you can register for chamber music lessons. Violin lessons Limassol will provide you with the necessary music material ( arrangements in the music style of your preference ) as well as practical guidance on how to develop  all the elements which make a ensemble extraordinary.


What is needed to start the lessons?

Simply the Violin or Viola with its bow… If you are not sure about the size of your child’s violin you can always contact me to help you find the right one. You can also contact me if you prefer to rent a violin instead buying it. (That would be an option for beginners who may want to try a bit first or for anyone who is not willing to buy all four sizes up to the normal). The rosin for the bow  is also required together with a shoulder-rest. For finding more information about them please click on the following link.

General Terms/Rules from Violin lessons Limassol.


1.  The academic year starts at the 1st of September and end at 30 of July. The student are expected during that period to attend the classes consistently at the pre-set days and times so that the planned goals and targets for the year are met.

2. The lesson – fee  is set at the beginning of the academic year and it is made known to the student upon registration. The monthly fee should be prepaid during the first week of the month. (independently of the number of lessons that the student has attended).Alternatively the student has the choice of the fee of a single lesson .

3. In case of absence of the student the teacher is not obliged to recover the lesson. If the student  however gives a notice  48 hours before the lessons the teacher may try to find another convenient time and date to recover the lesson. If  the teacher is responsible for the cancellation of the lessons then he is obliged to recover it at a convenient time for the student.

4. I case the student wishes to give exams at the end of the year he has to provide the exam fee at the end of May.

 Step-By-Step guide for violin beginners

Step 1: Find the necessary  equipment.

Buy/Rent  a Violin

This Section will help you to make the right decisions in acquiring the most essential object…the Violin

Violin bow 

Most beginner violins include the bow the violin case and  rosin. In case however you need to buy the bow separately check the following tips to make the right choice

Violin Case (coming soon)

Is it necessary? what kind of rosin to use (light or dark) what shape, and what brand? find all the answers in this section.

Shoulder Rest 

There is debate among violinists whether shoulder rests are really necessary are in some case are causing further technical obstacles. Depending on   student’s particularities shoulder rest may be a useful tool to help student maintain a relaxed posture and hold of the violin which in turn will result better playing.

Music stand (coming soon)
Beginner violin books and free scores (coming soon)


Step 2: Get informed about the basics of violin maintenance and care


Violin Setup and tuning (coming soon)
How to maintain your instrument (coming s0on)
Violin Physics (more coming soon)


Step 3 : Get performance tips, free scores and online lessons

Free online beginner lessons to get you started

Here are covered the basics to get you started. Bow and left hand exercises, scales and simple beginner songs

Online lessons

Coming soon

Step 4: Find violin music sheet and learning material

Step 5: Buy extra helpful equipment for your practice
Step 6: Community Resources – Useful Information about violin and viola

To get some more, useful information and advise about the violin/playing/ learning please please visit Violin lessons Limassol blog (All about Violin) or

To download a practice chart click here


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  1. I played concert violin all through school. Even though I have a great deal of muscle memory, I am finding git difficult to read and bow cords. Can you help?

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